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I firmly believe vaccination education is important in understanding health.  I also hold firmly that the vaccination decision should be made by an informed parent.  Education is the key with vaccinations.  And certain questions must be answered by parents before making a decision.  A list of appropriate questions regarding vaccines may look something like this:  

"Am I comfortable letting my child get sick?"            

"Am I comfortable interfering in the bodies natural system knowing they may get sick anyway and risk reaction to vaccine contents?"            

"What can I do to boost my child's immune system?"            

"What are the risks of either decision?"

"What other ingredients are in the shots?"

"Is it safe to give so many shots simultaneously?"

"What is the actual risk of catching the disease?"

"Will my child's immune system be weaker when it is dependent on a vaccine" 

"What research has been done to support your position?"

"Who supported the research, and what bias may be present?" 

"Why does my child need a booster?"

"What are the chances this vaccine even does what it is intended to do?"

"If I begin vaccinating will my child be ever dependent on vaccines?" 

"Could the vaccination give my child the disease it is intended to prevent?"

"Why does a kid who is healthy, well, and eating right need a vaccine?" 

Ask 8 Questions Before You Vaccinate!