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Links For More Information about Vaccines

International Medical Council on Vaccination

Global Vaccine Institute 

Empowering Parents to Make Informed Choices

Vaccination Schedule 

National Network for Immunization Information

Vaccine Freedom Wall

Lessons Vaccinators Refuse to Learn

Vaccine Ingredient Calculator 

User Friendly Vaccination Schedule

Institute of Medicine and Vaccines

Vaccines That Worry Parents Most

Vaccine Layering Risky

Scientists fear MMR linked to autism

Childhood Combination Vaccine and Increased Seizure Risk

Education for Childhood Shots 

The HPV Vaccine: Science, Ethics and Regulation

A Simple Solution to World Health Issues: Toilets!

Family to Receive $1.5M+ in Vaccine-Autism Court Award 

Did Seasonal Flu Vaccination Increase Risk Of Infection with H1N1 Swine Flu

Generation Rescue

FDA Reports Thimerosal in Vaccines

FDA See's Possible Risk of Bowel Problem with Glaxo's Vaccine

Dr. Tom Jefferson, Head of Vaccine Research for Cochrane Collaboration: Vaccine Support Research Rubbish

Families Want a Shot of Truth

Cancer Vaccine Program Suspended after Death of 4

Immunization Ploys:  Are Parents Being Manipulated? 

National Vaccine Information Center Urges Parents to Learn about Vaccines and Children

Vaccine Safety: Show us the Science 

Routine Vitamin K Shot for Newborns 

Forced Vaccination and the State of Hawaii

Rotarix, Rotavirus Vaccine Suspended - Pig Virus Contaminent; 1 Million American Children Received the Vaccine

Mercury: A Known Toxin and Rhogam in Pregnancy 

US Adults Forgo Routine Immunization

Shots in the Dark

Wakefield Studies In Public Scrutiny

Wakefield Studies Questioned by Deer and Pharma

1,000 Mumps cases in Jersey in 6 months: 77% of whom were vaccinated

Central Figure in CDC Cover-Up Evades the Law After a $2 Million Research Scam is Uncovered